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Bristol, 9th March 2017: Industry veterans, Chris Begent and Tony Richardson, today announce the launch of Sixis, a new British company, which provides a complete device subsystem, consisting of the Sixis Connection Manager and physical devices, for the Industrial Internet of Things.

Chris Begent, Co-founder, Sixis, said “We aim to help system integrators and developers of Industrial IoT applications to bring their products to market more quickly and at a lower cost, by providing them with a complete Industrial IoT device solution.”

“We’ve poured over 100 man-years of experience into the design and manufacture of every Sixis device solution, laying a solid foundation for any Industrial IoT application”, said Tony Richardson, Co-founder, Sixis, “Already deployed with customers in over 100 countries, across six continents, our field proven technology provides partners with the peace of mind they crave.”

The Sixis Connection Manager, orchestrates communications between all Sixis devices, deployed as part of an application; securing all communications, providing remote device management and configuration, remote control of equipment, and ensuring accurate sensor data collection and integrity.”

In conjunction with the Sixis Connection Manager, the initial device portfolio consists of two cellular enabled, IIoT edge devices; Sixis Mini and Sixis Midi. Both devices have been specifically designed to address the challenges of harvesting high quality, consistent sensor data and remote control of equipment in Industrial Internet of Things applications.

The Sixis Mini manages the harvesting of accurate data, remote control of equipment, or the integrity of the communications path, leaving system integrators and developers to focus on development of the Industrial IoT application itself. Easy and quick to deploy, Sixis Mini provides excellent levels of sensor and control connectivity; for static, nomadic and mobile Industrial IoT applications.

The Sixis Midi provides greater levels of sensor and control connectivity, in the same small footprint and ultra-low power consumption package. Designed for use in more complex environments, deployment and installation is simplified, through downloadable profiles and remote device management.

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Whatever your need, there’s a Sixis device solution for you. Because all our devices are compatible, a single Industrial IoT application deployment could consist of a mixture of Sixis devices; ensuring the scalability of your application.

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