Sixis Midi.

Ultimate. Connectivity.

The Sixis Midi provides greater levels of sensor and control connectivity, in the same small footprint and ultra-low power consumption package.

When combined with the Sixis Connection Manager, the Sixis Midi accelerates your Industrial IoT application development. Using our device solutions, you no longer need to worry about the collection of accurate data, remote control of equipment or the integrity of the communications path, leaving you to focus on development of your Industrial IoT application.

Designed for use in more complex applications, deployment and installation is simplified through downloadable profiles and remote device management.


Sixis Mini - Front View (Industrial IoT Device)
Sixis Midi - Back View (Industrial IoT Device)


Serial Ports: 3 (2x RS232 and 1x isolated RS485)
Port Options: 1x CANbus or additional RS485
Inputs: 27 (Software configurable as either digital or analogue inputs)
Isolated Analogue Inputs: 3
Open Collector Outputs: 7
MicroLAN: Dallas 1-wire
Ethernet: 1

Sixis-Midi(Connectors)Cellular AntennaGPS AntennaRS232RS232RS485InputsInputsOutputsUSB OTGor CANbusIsolatedInputsOutputsInputsRS485(Isolated)1 Wire

Size and Weight

Sixis Midi (Top)

Height: 30mm
Width: 110mm
Depth: 85mm
Weight: 230g

Sixis Midi (Top)
Sixis Midi (Front)
Sixis Midi (Side)


Dual SIM Card

Satellite (Optional)


Serial RS232
Serial RS485
Modbus RTU RS232
Modbus RTU RS485 (Multi-drop)

Modbus TCP
SNMP Remote Access
IP Protocol Transparency

Internal Sensors

3 axis accelerometer


Supply voltage (8V – 48V DC)
Ignition sense (8V – 48V DC)
Ground (0V DC)

Connection Manager

Security management
Remote device and application management
Device firmware update (Local and Over-the-Air)
Connection reliability and data integrity
Communications path management


CE Approved
FCC Approved
CB safety scheme including national variants (excluding South Korea)


Internal rechargeable battery
External access to SIM slots
Mounting wings
Mounting pads
Input & output tails

Serial cables
Cellular and GPS antennas
External Iridium satellite modem
Customer branding
Database level interface

Specification subject to change without notice.

Sixis Midi Datasheet.

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    Sixis Mini Brochure (Cover)
    Don’t need so many sensors?

    If your Industrial Internet of Things application is less complex and requires fewer sensors, but still needs a small, reliable edge device, take a look at the Sixis Mini.

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